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Public Insurance Adjuster

Person who, for direct, indirect, or any other compensation acts on behalf of an insured, another Public Insurance Adjuster; or a person who advertises, solicits business, investigates, settles, or adjusts or advises or assists an insured with the settlement of a claim or claims for loss or damage under any policy of insurance covering real or personal property, or holds himself or herself out to the public in negotiating for, or effecting the settlement of a claim or claims for loss or damage under any policy of insurance covering real or personal property.

Number of Licenses as of 8/31/16 824
Exam Requirement Pearson VUE
Exam Exemptions Expired for more than 90 days but less than one year; or nonresidents of reciprocal states.
Exam Code & Fee InsTX-PbAdj17 / $48
License Fee $50
Continuing Education 24 hours/2 years, of which 2 hours must be Ethics. 50% of the hours must be classroom or classroom equivalent.
Renewal Fee $50
Late Fee $25
Prerequisite / Training Financial Responsibility - TIC §4102.105 (Surety Bond or Professional Liability Policy)
Statutory Authority TIC § 4102.001 / TAC 19.701 - 19.713
Reciprocal Yes
Temporary License No

Continuing Education Required Hour Changes

For all licenses issued or renewing on and after September 1, 2015, which formerly required 30 hours of continuing education (CE) during each license period, only 24 hours of continuing education is required for each license period.  Licenses expiring before September 1, 2015, will have to complete 30 hours of CE.

Continuing Education Requirements for Renewal

For all licenses issued or renewing on and after November 1, 2015, completion of the 24 hours of CE is required for a licensee to renew his license.  If a licensee does not complete the 24 hours of CE before the expiration date of the license, the licensee will have 90 days to complete the deficient number of hours and pay a fine of $50 per deficient hour.  If these two conditions are not met within 90 days of the license expiring, the license will be inactivated, and the licensee will have to apply for a new license.  A new license will not be granted until the deficient CE hours are completed and the fine is paid.  In order to ensure that there is no delay in renewing a license, license holders are encouraged to complete CE hours at least 30 days before the license expires to allow time for the CE provider to report the successful completion of the course(s) to TDI.

PIA Contracts

Public Insurance Adjusters (PIAs) may not, directly or indirectly, act within this state as a public insurance adjuster without having first entered into a written contract executed in duplicate by the licensee and the insured or the insured's duly authorized representative. TDI regulations on PIA contracts are detailed in 28 Texas Administrative Code section 19.708.

PIAs must use one of the two options listed below to fulfill this requirement:

  1. TDI’s standard language contract, the Public Insurance Adjuster Contract (TDI Form FIN535)
  2. Any other contract, after it has been filed and approved with the TDI.

Note: A PIA may elect to use one or the other.

Licensed PIAs using the standard language contract, Public Insurance Adjuster Contract (TDI Form FIN535), may enter into agreements using this contract form.

Licensed PIAs using any other contract, may not use the contract until they have received an approval to use from the TDI. PIAs that use a contract before it is approved by the TDI are subject to a disciplinary action that could include fines and potential revocation of the PIA’s license.

Contracts are reviewed and approved by the TDI’s Agent & Adjuster Licensing Office. If you have questions about the contract approval process, contact CE@tdi.texas.gov.

Note: The Agent & Adjuster Licensing Office confirms only that PIA contracts comply with state regulations on PIA contracts.

TDI makes no opinion regarding the fairness or enforceability of any contract term in an approved PIA contract that is not expressly contemplated by these regulations. A PIA contract cannot limit or nullify any requirements of the Texas Insurance Code, Texas Administrative Code, or other rules of the department. TDI approves the PIA’s chosen contract form; it does not approve individual contracted agreements between parties.

Use of DBAs Prohibited

Under Texas Insurance Code section 4102.162, a “license holder may not use a name different from the name under which the license holder is currently licensed in an advertisement, solicitation, or contract for business.” As a result, only licensed entities using their license number, and the complete name under which they are licensed, may be referenced on the PIA’s form contract.

PIA Bonds

Each PIA licensee must demonstrate proof of financial responsibility with a surety bond in the amount of not less than $10,000 payable to the Texas Department of Insurance, using the Public Insurance Adjuster Bond (TDI Form FIN509).  See Texas Insurance Code §§4102.105 and 28 Texas Administrative Code §19.705–19.707 for more information on PIA bond requirements.

If your bond is cancelled for any reason, you must present TDI with notice of a new bond immediately to avoid disciplinary action against your license. Alternatively, you may email License@tdi.texas.gov and ask about how to surrender your Texas insurance licenses if you no longer wish to hold a Texas license.

PIA Continuing Education

Special Note: Effective 9-1-11 and 11-1-15, statutory changes impacting required continuing education hours; and possible revocation of license for non-compliance are in effect. Please see 84th Legislative Session Licensing Updates, for detail information regarding these changes.

PIAs are subject to complete the same continuing education requirements as other adjusters. For more information regarding these requirements, including answers to frequently asked questions, please see TDI’s continuing education page.

To confirm your compliance, check your online CE transcript by clicking “Look up education courses/credits” at Sircon for States - Texas. PIAs must be compliant with CE requirements in order to be able to renew their license.

PIAs that fail to complete required CE are subject to a fine. For more information, please see the CE Automatic Fine Payment Voucher (TDI Form FIN519) or email CE@tdi.texas.gov.

Renewing Your PIA License

TDI mails renewal notices approximately 90 days from the expiration of your term. PIAs must renew their PIA license by mailing a copy of their current contract form used to enter into agreements with insureds to the TDI with their renewal notice. This permits TDI to either review their amended contract, or to confirm that there are no amendments. No additional copy of the PIA bond is required, if your original bond is on file and remains active.


If you have a complaint regarding a PIA or a PIA contract that you encounter, please direct that complaint to TDI’s Consumer Protection group. Complaints are addressed by TDI’s Compliance Division, an area distinct from the Agent & Adjuster Licensing Office.

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